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Real Estate Market Data Form update for Members
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Real Estate Market Area Reports

Please review the following tips to assure data consistency:

  1. Report as of (date):  Should be submitted at the end of a quarter. When filling out the form, click on the quarter you are submitting and enter the year.
  2. Market Area:  Please insert the name of the Market Area as you would like it to appear on the website (please include the state).  i.e.  Chicago, IL (city only) verses Chicagoland : entire MLS.
  3. Your statistical analysis:  Please take note that specific time intervals are given for comparison.  i.e. Absorption numbers ask for "Months of Inventory" stats for the "Last 3 Months" and then "Months of Inventory" compared to the "Same Time One Year Ago".  Due to the quickly changing market, this report focuses on 3 month comparisons only. 
  4. Market Data Form:
  • Click here to open the Microsoft Word Template of the "Market Area Update Form".
  • When the "File Download" pop up screen opens, click "Open"
  • Complete the form
  • Click File, save as, type your file name as, Market_Area_Update_City_State_1Q_2011
  • Select "Word Document" in the file type
  • Click Save
  • E-mail your document as an attachment to (Handwritten forms cannot be posted.)



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