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Industry Designations
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Relocation Directors Council ® recognizes and encourages the following industry related designations and certificates that we believe distinguishes professionals in the field:


Relocation Directors Council’s Global Destination Specialist (GDS)® Certificate

RDC is offering its members an opportunity to be a specialist in global mobility, the fastest growing segment in relocation.  Worldwide ERC’s GMS® program (see below) provides you with the knowledge and intercultural skills to serve the global workforce, but RDC will give you the tools to put a menu of services into action.  You will learn best practices to assist in developing new products and revenue streams.  The Global Destination Specialist (GDS) class is an online course which RDC will be offering in the Fall 2020.  At this time, the GDS course is open exclusively to RDC members.   The SGDS is awarded to individuals successfully completing RDC’s GDS program and hold the GMS designation from WERC. Click Here to begin a search for the (S)GDS members.


Worldwide ERC’s Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)®

Experience the unique personal and professional satisfaction of earning the workforce mobility industry’s highly established, recognized and regarded mark of excellence since 1990: The Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)® designation. If you are ready to demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of U.S. domestic employee mobility, and to make a commitment to maintaining that knowledge by staying current with changing trends, you’re ready to be a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)®.  Offered annually in May, all information, including exam eligibility requirements, dates and locations, study source materials and an application, can be found at


Worldwide ERC’s Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)®

If you want to expand your international knowledge and intercultural management skills, you can earn Worldwide ERC®’s career-enhancing Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)® designation.  Participate in three modules (in any order) exploring international assignment policy development, strategies and intercultural challenges, and pass one online comprehensive exam.  All three modules are available online, and in-person training sessions of Module 3 are offered in various locations throughout the year. 

Learn more at


Worldwide ERC’s Strategic Talent MobilitySM Course/GMS-T®

With a fierce competition for skills, successful recruitment, development and retention efforts are vital for a company’s success.  Talent mobility is an important part of those efforts, and in order to be most effective, the management and mobility functions must be well aligned, and clearly integrated into overall business and strategic goals.  The Worldwide ERC® Strategic Talent MobilitySM Course is your path to achieving that alignment.  Explore real-world case studies that demonstrate how leading companies have successfully integrated their talent mobility practices into their strategic planning.  Apply those examples to help you formulate your own talent strategy.  There is no prerequisite to take the course, but if you have earned your GMS®, you can elevate it to a GMS-T® upon successful completion of the Strategic Talent program.  Learn more at


BONUS: Put an “S” in front of your designation

You may notice that some have an “S” in front of their CRP®, GMS® or GMS-T® designations.  What does that mean, and how did it get there?  The “S” stands for “Senior” and demonstrates an added level of investment you can make in your designation and commitment to the industry.  More information available at

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